Create new attachment

This section describes how to create new attachment in admin pannel, and what properties you can specify for an attachment


To create new attachments, navigate to the Attachments page of the plugin, and click on Add new in top right corner.

You will be redirected to the attachment setup page. This page has two blocks with different settings for your attachments.

You need to fill Main block, then click Save and continue edit, and then fill Mappings block

Main block



Whether the attachment is published and displayed in the store

Associated to

Attachments can be associated to Products, Categories, or Manufacturers. If an attachment is associated to Categories or Manufacturers, it will be associated to all products in these categories/manufacturers.


What icon to show next to attachment. Note, if your attachment is a YouTube/HTML5 video, an icon will not be shown.

Attachment type

The plugin supports 4 attachment types. File URL Embed YouTube HTML5 Video (mp4)

Attachment parameters

Every attachment type has their own attachment parameters. Url, Upload file, etc.


The display name of the attachment. Note, YouTube and HTML5 videos will be shown without Name, just thunbnail.

Display Order

Order in which to display attachments on website


You can select language that this attachment will be applied to

Customer roles

You can select customer roles that this attachments will be showed to

Limit to stores

You can select stores that this attachments will be showed on

Name and Icon will not be shown on HTML5 or YouTube Video. Only thumbnail will be shown. You can use URL attachment type to make a video with a name, but then thumbnail will not be shown, only name, as a link to that video.

Mapping block

After you fill Main block to your needs, and click Save and continue edit, you will be able to select Products, Categories, or Manufacturers in the Mapping block.

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